My vintage replica doll collection

More and more vintage replica dolls are being released. I collect vintage dolls and also love these new replicas made in the vintage style. Rini resembles the smaller version of the Dollikin doll from 1958. Charisma released a new version of the Candy Fashion Doll giftset that was originally released in 1962. I was lucky enough to find a one of a kind prototype of a porcelain reproduction of the Little Miss Revlon doll that was never released as Little Miss Glamour. My porcelain Crissy was released by the Danbury Mint as a new version of the grow-hair Crissy doll.

The new Rini doll by Horsman

The Candy Fashion doll giftset

The porcelain Crissy doll and porcelain Little Miss Glamour
The Tonner Fashion Toni doll

The Vogue 21st Century Jill doll

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