Repairing Dollikin Dolls

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Tightening Wrists

If you pull the hand away from the arm you will see one of the following:

1. a loose band or elastic through a metal "eye" on the back of the wrist.

2. nothing but the metal eye.

3. can't pull it away because it's glued (you MUST get the hand unglued!)

Remove the hand (leave the eye in place or tighten it if necessary - the eye should be right up against the plastic, there should not be a "neck")

Using a crochet hook, forcepts and anything else that will fit, fish out anything that is loose in the arm (elastic, a metal hook) - this is the hardest part. While the arm is off, clean it up and repair chips in wrist. Tie a medium glass bead to a piece of thread. Drop the bead into the arm. You should have noticed that inside the arm was a plastic bar that goes from one side of the arm to the other. You want the bead to go behind the bar on one side, then turn the arm over and shake it out on the other side (let gravity do all the work). You now have the thread looped over the bar.

Tie small doll elastic to the end of the thread and pull it through. Put one end through the eye on the wrist, pull it TIGHT and tie it. Cut ends and stuff inside. ref. V. Moss

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