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Rerooting Instructions:

I removed the doll's head (pulled the hook out from the bottom of the spring at the waist) and got the plug out of the neck (push sideways and wiggle it out). The head is full of something that looks like a kleenex that went through the washing machine. I pulled that all out and saved it in a baggie. I cut off all her hair at the skin and used forcepts to remove the knots from the inside.

The rooting kit comes with one package of hair. It is plenty BUT if you are new at this (like me) you don't measure your plugs wells. For your first dollikin, get 2 hanks of hair. The job should take at least one week. Mine went faster becasue Sarah helped and because I'm obsessive. It is NOT hard. Anyone could do it (the kit I got from Homestead had a wonderful booklet with it).

Lessons learned:

1. Get extra hair, it's easier to cut excess than try to stretch at the end.

2. Oil your needle regularly, makes it slide well and not rip up the holes.

3. Take your time and measure your plugs well (oops)

4. When removing the hair, be VERY careful around the bangs area, there are holes on top of holes there and you can end up with one BIG hole in your doll's head (I did)

5. Do not mark your rooting areas on the dolls head (as called for in the booklet). Whatever you use will get on your hands and transfer to the face (probably a Murphy's law).

6. Make sure you root the area under the ponytail, otherwise her head has a funny shape (see photo)(I ran out of hair)

7. Watch out for the eyeballs. Don't stick the needle through the plastic coating on the inside.

8. Make sure you have help when it comes time to restring.

This is the first time I've taken a Dollikin head off. I was not at all sure I'd be able to get it back on. Sarah helped. I put fishing line (4 strands) on one end of the spring then put the other end through the body (arms off) and hooked it on the head. With Sarah pulling the head and body, I pulled the fishing line until I could put the hook back on. ref. V. Moss

The kit costs $29 (plus postage) from Homestead Doll Hospital and comes with 3 needles (different sizes for different size heads) and handle for the needle, alligator clips, fishing line, a hank of hair (your choice of color) and a wonderful instruction book. If you just get hair from Homestead, kt runs between $4 and $5 per large hank (one hank is plenty for a Dollikin).

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