Unoa Ver 2.0 Mocha

The Unoa Version 2 dolls were released in late 2006 by Alchemo Lab, the creators of the orignal Unoa dolls. The version 2 dolls are more adult and realistic in appearance. They are 17" tall, resin and come in two versions. My doll is the special version made for sale by the Japanese doll magazine Dollybird. The dolls come in cream and mocha skintone and are sold as kits thru the magazine. Each kit comes with two faceplates, the original Version 2 face and a new face for the magazine called Dolly Sweet.

Unoa Mocha arrives in kit form. Everything needed is included, elastic string, wire to pull the string and a diagram.>

The exclusive Dollybird Unoa kit comes with two heads, the original Mocha head and the special Dollybird Sweet head. There are also two sets of eyes. Blue and metallic green. The Mocha kit comes with a long straight black wig. The Cream kit comes with a blonde wig.

Mocha is trying on a Tonner Tyler red wig, but still needs face paint and blush.

Mocha in her original black wig in a custom bikini made by me from a pattern in the Dollybird Vol 8 magazine from Japan.

Mocha wears a custom Playboy bunny style outfit with a Monique Gold Label wig, Ginger.

Another custom bikini made by me. Now, Mocha has the original Mocha face plate painted in a more natural style. Wig by Charles Josef in blonde/pink streaks, size 5/6.

Mocha wears a custom jog suit made by me from a pattern in Dollybird 8 magazine. It is in the style of Juicy Couture.

Mocha in original face plate painted more dramatically.

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