Unoa Lusis doll

The Unoa Quluts 16" resin ball jointed dolls are manufactured and sculpted by Gentaro Araki of Japan. The dolls have a unique face sculpt and very expressive hands. They are only available in the US thru the Crescent Shopping service of Japan. The dolls are sold only a few times per year so they are hard to find and can be expensive on the secondary market. The large bust torso shown in my photos is an option and must be purchased separately. The dolls have an interesting eye mechanism to move the eyes from side to side. They use 12mm eyes for this feature, but you can use 12 or 13mm eyes with regular eye putty. They take size 6/7 wigs.

The Unoa doll arrives as a kit that must be strung and painted.

After stringing, airbrush body blushing and face painting.

Lusis with her winky faceplate in a red JPOP wig called Yuri.

Unoa in Steampunk style outfit I made from a pattern in Doll Reader magazine.

A variety of face plates can be purchased for this doll to give her very different looks. Here is the Lusis face on the doll with the B-el and L-bi boy faces, the "O" face, winky face, Bully face Sist face and another Lusis face.

The Winky face in custom camo pants and t-shirt.

The L-Bi boy face painted to make it a girls face. Gastic teal green eyes.

Another Lusis face plate painted in lighter pastel tones in custom made t-shirt from Doll Coordinate Recipe pattern book from Japan

Lusis in a custom Marie Antoinette outfit made by me. Wig is the Mrs. Santa wig by Monique and her eyes are metallic pink by Masterpiece softglass eyes.

A new outfit I made from a pattern in Unoa Freak magazine. The airline stewardess in blue leather! She wears a Monique Gold Label wig in the Ginger style.

This cute Lolita style dress is from a Unoa pattern in Dollybird magazine, Vol 3.

I made hornsfor my Lusis from Sculpey clay in three different styles, long natural color, shorter in red with texture and short with grey and pink swirl color and texture. They fit into the holes in Unoa's head that were made for attachments like these. The Unoa wigs also have slits in them, so the horns can push thru the wig and into the hole in the dolls head to hold them on. Her eyes are Masterpiece soft glass called Red Manja.

Lusis with optional high heel feet. The feet come unpainted, so can be painted any color and then attached with "s" hooks after the original feet are removed.

Lusis wears a custom made outfit from a pattern in Unoa Freak magazine.


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