Soul Kid doll


Here is Sweenie, one of the new Soul Kid dolls from Soul Doll of Korea.

Soul Kids are 41.5cm or 16.5" tall and made of high quality resin.

The dolls are about the same size as a Volks mini Super Dollfie but they have a more feminine and slimmer body sculpt. The heads open up easily to change the eyes and just attach with magnets that are embedded in the resin.

The Soul Kids have a gold plate on the back of their head with the dolls name and number.

The Soul Kids arrive fully assembled, but you have to put on the head and wig. There is an instruction sheet, but the head goes on very easily with no tools. My Sweenie is a basic, nude doll that came with makeup, green eyes and a random color wig. I got black.

Sweenie wears a pink mohair JPOP wig and custom outfit to match.

Sweenie wears a custom made punk outfit and gorgeous Soul Kid boot from Soul Doll.

Here is Sweenie in a red wig, size 7/8.

Here is Sweenie wearing a Rainbow wig by Monique.

Sweenie in a long purple Monique wig and a custom outfit, wearing another pair of fabulous shoes from Soul Doll for the Soul Kid dolls.

Sweenie and mini SD Kojishi

Modeling another custom made outfit.

Here is Sweenie and a Volks mini Super Dollfie doll to show the body style differences.

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