Super Dollfie doll Rio

Rio was my very first resin ball jointed doll purchased in 2001. Super Dollfie dolls are resin ball jointed dolls.

They are quite heavy and very high quality

Super dollfie dolls are 22" tall and wear a size 10 wig

These dolls are made for customizing. You can change their

wigs easily, buy different eyes, hands, feet and faces from Volks

Visit Volks Japan web site to see more pictures of other

Super Dollfie Dolls, Mimi, Nono, Nana, Megu, Kira, Sara and Rio

Belladonna is a Volks F-15 head that I painted in Egyptian style. She shares a body with Rio but will get her own soon.

Rio in dress I made for her. JPOP wig

Rio with her original 22mm eyes in a Halloween dress I made for her

Volks F-15 head.

Rio in her red wig.

Rio wearing a pink wig

Rio wears a custom teddy from an enlarged Gene pattern

Rio in her black wig (She can wear size 10 Cissy wigs!)

Rio in her holiday dress


Volks USA site to purchase Super Dollfie Dolls

The Volks Japan web site

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