My Ppo Ppo doll by Garden of Dolls

Ppo Ppo is a 10" resin ball jointed doll made by Garden of Dolls. She is made in the body style of Blythe and Licca and can wear their clothing. My Ppo Ppo is the white skin version. She arrives nude, without a wig, but with 10mm acrylic eyes. She can wear size 5/6 wigs.

Ppo Ppo as she arrives. Lovely seamless white resin.

Ppo Ppo wears a kimono from a Licca doll and a blonde Nicolette wig by Monique.

A long red Monique Trix wig and an Azone doll outfit fit Ppo Ppo very well.

Wearing a Licca punk outfit and a black curly Tyler doll wig.

Ppo Ppo wears denim overalls and blouse from the ReMent Clothing collection. I added the iron-on bunny and dragonfly. She wears a Superdoll wig made for their Sybarite dolls from the Kick outfit.

Wearing the outfit from the Blythe Candy Carnival doll and a blonde/orange Monique Gold wig called Jo Jo in size 5/6.

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