Building the Advanced Doll + kit

Painting the body parts

After sanding the seams, I primed the body parts with a Model Master Enamel white primer.

I primed the head and neck at this time too.

I was testing colors for the skintone and decided on a Model Master Acryl Base skin tone for the body color as shown ] here.

Using an airbrush, I painted the main torso pieces and head with Model Master Acryl skintone tint base. I like the warm "beige" tone of this basic color.

After allowing the pieces to dry, I then airbrushed some body blush in a Model Master acryl "warm" skintone color. After the blush areas dried, I again airbrushed the "white" base color over it to tone down the pinkish blush color. Now my body parts are ready to set aside for final assembly.

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