Obitsu 60cm body

Obitsu of Japan issues a large 60cm (24") fully jointed doll body. This body is a larger version of their regular 27cm jointed body, but it comes with the head that needs to be customized. The doll is a solid hard plastic and somewhat heavy. Very nice quality. The head is a hard vinyl and eyes and lips need to be painted or decaled, but eye holes can be cut out of the head and 20mm acrylic or glass eyes can be used. Azone has released optional heads to fit this doll in the style of their Sahra doll and in a new, more mature head sculpt. Heads can now be purchased by Obitsu with eye holes cut out to use 20mm acrylic eyes, or heads that come with acrylic eyes already inserted. There are now over three different styles of bodies with two skintones, white and normal. My body shown here is the first one, the 3 part body

Optional Heads for the 60cm Body in the Sahra style, mature style with eye holes ready for acrylic eyes, Gretel head style and the new frowny face angry head. Clik here for pictures of these new finished heads and the new optional hands and optional big bust torso!

Maki's face has been repainted by me again. I think it will stay this way for a while! She wears a new JPOP wig called Destiny in Chocolate Cherry color

The Obitsu Gretel head. She wears a DAE Sunkissed wig.

Gretel wears a dress made for a Tonner 22" American Model doll. Wig by DAE Originals.

Maki wears a mohair wig made by me using mohair wefts and a stretch wig cap.

Maki models a sexy sheath made by me using an enlarged Tyler doll pattern.

Maki wears a custom made blue gown.

Here is the big Obitsu doll with an optional Sahra style head with Volks decal eyes. She is shown with her smaller 1/6 scale 11" Sahra doll from Azone of Japan.

A standard Obitsu head with the eyes custom cut out to use 20mm Volks acrylic anime eyes, in her orange wig

The body poses beautifully. It is not string jointed, but mechanically jointed like the smaller 11" Obitsu bodies with metal screws to hold some of the joints. The joints are tight and hold a pose very well. The head just pulls off, so a Volks head could be used on this neck, but the Volks heads look a little bit oversized on these bodies.

The body poses in just about any position. Here she is in a white Azone 60cm stretch bodysuit and Azone white boots. The head shown is the optional head with eye holes ready for acrylic eyes. She wears a Charles Josef size 10 Cissy-doll size wig.

Wearing a custom made Asian style outfit.

Head finished using Volks large size eye decals! These decals come as a set of three in blue, brown and gold in three different styles.

Nori in her new outfit custom made by me from an enlarged Barbie pattern. Skirt pattern was enlarged 165% to fit these 22" dolls.

Here is a Volks Dollfie Dream doll on the left, Obitsu body in center with optional large bust and Volks regular Super Dollfie resin body on the right, showing the differences in the body styles.

The doll arrives in a cardboard box and comes with a black metal plate that is the stand. The feet have powerful magnets in them to hold the doll to the metal plate, so she can pose and stand alone.


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