Minifee Soo doll from Lutz

Here is Minifee Soo, one of the ball jointed dolls from Lutz of Korea.

Minifee dolls are 43cm or 16.5" tall and made of high quality resin.

The dolls are about the same size as a Volks mini Super Dollfie but they have a more feminine and slimmer body sculpt with a very adult, shapely figure. The heads open up easily to change the eyes and just snap back together.

Minifee Soo in a custom denim outfit and midnight blue JPOP wig.

The Minifee doll arrives fully assembled with 16mm eyes but no wig or clothing. Mine was ordered with no face paint, so I have to paint her lips and eye liner. She takes a size 7 wig.

Here is Minifee with a Volks mini Super dollfie and a Soul Kid Sweenie to show the differences in body sculpts. The Minifee has a beauty white skintone.

In an outfit I made from a Unoa doll pattern from Unoa Freak magazine.

Minifee Soo with a gothic look.

In a vintage style gown made from a pattern in Doll Costuming magazine.

Made from a pattern in FDQ magazine for a 19" CED doll reduced for Minifee size.

In an outfit made by Fashion Blvd. for their 15.5" Felice fashion doll.

Custom made playboy bunny style outfit from a 15.5" Tyler doll pattern.

Custom made dress for Minifee

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