Volks Mini Dollfie Dream Doll

The Volks mini Dollfie Dream doll is a new vinyl fully jointed mini-super dollfie type doll from Volks. They are 44cm, aproximately 16" tall, similar to a Mini SD, but they are a hard vinyl rather than resin, a smaller version of the 60cm Dollfie Dream doll. The basic nude doll bodies were released in February 2008. They use the basic Dollfie Dream vinyl heads. There are optional torso styles in medium and large bust. My doll has the large bust style.

Here is the doll as she arrives with the smaller bust standard body. She does not come with a head, so I'm using a regular Dollfie Dream head, version 1.

Here is the body with the large bust torso. You just remove the arms (they pull out) and slide the original torso over the neck plate and then slide the new torso over the neck and replace the arms. This time I'm using an Obitsu pixie Gretel head.

Here she is with her Dollfie Dream head, Volks anime eyes in red and size 8/9 wig.

I call her Kitsune and here she is with my Unoa Lusis, a 16" resin ball jointed doll.

Kitsune outside wearing a custom made outfit and Goodreau ball jointed doll shoes. The shoes fit perfectly!

Here she is with the Gretel head wearing a Goodreau ball jointed doll outfit. It also fits very well.

A comparison pic for size with a Volks Dollfie Dream 22" doll and a Volks resin Mini Super Dollfie 16" doll.


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