Mini Super Dollfie doll


Kojisha was created from a Volks Mini Super Dollfie "kit". The doll arrives as a bag of parts and must then be strung with the included elastic, her face must be painted and glass eyes inserted. She comes with her black wig and brown 16mm eyes and eye putty, but I replaced the eyes with Glastic 16mm Violet and 18mm red eyes. There are three types of Mini Super Dollfie kits: This is the Sakura kit. There is also a Maggie and Myu kit. The only differences are the wig and eye colors in the doll kit. Those two dolls have blonde wigs.

The kits come with everything you need, except glue. You can use any type of Super Glue. I used a clear cement called Quick Grab. Even though the instruction booklet is printed in Japanese, the diagrams are easy to follow and the pictures are very clear. There is also a sewing pattern for a simple dress and bloomers included in the booklet!

The doll partially finished

Here is Kojishi with her face painted and her 18mm Glastic red eyes inserted. I also added a "bat" tatoo to her chest!

Modeling her new Mardis Gras custom made clown outfit!

Kojishi with orange candy eyes from MacCreative wearing her little tiger outfit

Here is Kojishi wearing her silver wig and dressed in a 1790's French Revolution style outfit.

Here Kojishi reads her tarot cards wearing her new silk pajamas!

Kojishi in her Dragon print Kimono I made from a Vogue 18" doll pattern

Here she is wearing her frilly maid outfit made from a 16" McCalls Betsy McCall pattern.

Two mini Super dollfies, Kojishi and Mesya together!

Showing off her black silk bloomers

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