Building the Advanced Doll + kit

Beginning with the torso parts

I noticed there was no way to connect the head and neck piece thru the torso, so I assumed a hole had to be drilled where there was a "red" circle marked on the rear upper torso part. I drilled a 3mm hole that would fit the 2mm wire in this spot.

While I was drilling, I drilled the necessary holes where there were tiny markings inside each upper torso piece, mid section pieces and lower torso pieces. These 2mm holes are for the brass rod that needs to be glued into this section to hold the wire. After the holes were drilled, I washed all the pieces in dishwasher detergent to remove any resin residue and get ready to glue the torso parts together.

I measured the distance between the torso pieces to cut the brass rod to fit inside the torso from back to front. I applied glue to the holes for the brass rod pieces and glue all around the edges of the upper torso and inserted the rod into the holes and pushed both sections together and held them briefly until the glue set. I did this for the mid-section piece as well. Here is a pic of the upper torso glued together and the mid section as they will fit when the wiring is finally done.

This photo shows the completed upper torso and mid section and how they fit together. I sat these pieces aside for now until ready for final sanding of seams, priming and painting. The rubber band around the mid section is only to hold it together while the glue sets.

Now I was ready to work on the lower "hip" part. This part needs a hole drilled completely thru the front hip section for a piece of the steel rod to be pushed thru to extend from side to side to hold the "sphere ball joints" for the hips.

Now I applied vinyl spackling (putty) to the seams and then sanded them smooth and ready for priming.

After painting, the large rubber band included in the kit needs to be cut into small pieces to glue inside the upper torso and the lower torso pieces so the mid-section is padded when inserted into both body parts. It provides a tight fit.

I have finished painting all the upper body parts and assembled the arms, hands and upper torso pieces. Assembling arms is pictured and described on the "arms" page. To assemble the main neck and torso, I cut small pieces of wire and bent a hook on the ends and piece by piece, starting at the head, hooked the wire on the head brass rod, down thru the neck piece to the upper torso brass rod and bent it around the rod tightly. Then another wire piece is hooked around the upper torso brass rod and threaded down thru that part thru the mid section and hook to the brass rod in that body part. Here is the doll with the upper body finished.

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