Happy Doll Lilliput Kit

This is the Happy Doll Lilliput Daisy from Happy Doll of Korea.

The Lilliput dolls are only about 8" tall (20cm) and made of high quality resin. they are very easy to put together. Everything is included, the elastic string and magnets to hold the head parts together. There are no instructions, so being familiar with stringing a resin doll is helpful. I used my Volks Mini Super dollfie kit instructions to help me.

There are no eyes or wig included, but the dolls take 14mm eyes and size 6/7 wigs.

Here she is finished and ready for eyes and wig and face painting! This is the Daisy head style kit.

Sugar (her new name) has a face, Soul Doll 14mm cat eyes and a cute blonde Monique Breanna wig in size 6/7.

Sugar wears a red mohair Kemper Nicole wig in size 6/7.

Sugar loves her lavender mohair JPOP wig that matches her lavender eyes and new wool jumper.

Sugar as Baby Geisha in a custom kimono and Monique Mrs. Santa wig.

Sugar in her spring outfit.

With another new faceup to make her eyes more shaded with light lavender. I also did some body blushing with an airbrush.

Sugar in the Rement kitchen

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