Domuya Fin doll

Domuya's D-1 Flexi-Perennial Fin doll is produced by Domuya of China. She is 65cm, about 26" tall, ball jointed resin and very poseable. Fin takes 18mm eyes but can use 16mm and wears size 8/9 wigs. Fin arrived on July 15, 2007.

Fin as she arrives with basic face paint and extra head, 3 wigs and 3 pairs of eyes. She was a special promotion to receive these free gifts.

Fin after I enhanced her facepaint with some blush and lip color wearing a Monique JRock wig in Rose Gold.

Fin wearing a Monique blonde London wig.

Fin in the Gypsy outfit I made for her

Fin in a medieval gown I made for her from a pattern in Doll costuming magazine

Fin in her custom pirate outfit and Monique Jeannie ponytail wig

Fin poses extremely well. She is much more poseable than any other ball jointed doll and also has a joint near her toes.


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