Volks Dollfie Dream Doll

The Volks Dollfie Dream doll is a vinyl fully jointed Super dollfie type doll from Volks. They are 22" tall, the same as a Super Dollfie, but they are more reasonably priced at $230 to $500 (depending on whether you get a finished dressed doll) and they are a hard vinyl rather than the heavier resin of the Super dollfies. The dollbodies can be purchased nude and optional heads are offered in versions with eyeholes to use 18 to 20mm acrylic eyes or heads with rooted hair that need the eyes painted on. There are also special fully dressed finished dolls that are more expensive.

In late 2007, a smaller, 16", 40cm version of the Dollfie Dream called Mini Dollfie Dream was released. There are options for this smaller vinyl body such as a large bust torso in two sizes and different types of hands. The body uses the regular Dollfie Dream head.

Here is the doll as she arrived in 2003 in the first issue, with her plastic container (not a box) It says "Cyber Age Hybrid body" on the plastic container. The doll comes nude with a head that needs to be painted and an extra set of hands. I ordered the optional head with the eye holes cut out to use 20mm acrylic eyes. The doll will need a size 9/10 wig. Now the dolls come without heads and there are two skintones, regular and white to choose from.

Finished her head with Volks green anime eyes, green eyelashes and some acrylic paints and real makeup for blusher. She wears a white Charles Josef showgirl wig made for Cissy dolls. I call her Kitsune, the Japanese word for Fox. This is the original head style referred to as head 01.

Wearing an Azone 60cm size outfit - everything including the cute shoes fit her perfectly! Wig is a Mrs. Santa by Monique in size 10/11.

Kitsune and the cherry blossoms!

Here is my newest Dollfie Dream body, version II, which is no longer strung, but mechanically jointed. This is the white skintone. The head is a resin cat head by Rasendo.

Both my Dollfie Dream dolls together. Now the white skin body has a Volks 02 optional head and my original body has a Volks 03 optional head. Outfits are by Volks of Japan.

Both heads closeup with Volks anime acrylic eyes in 20mm. Head 03 has the blue eyes, Head 02 has the pink eyes.

Here is the 16" Mini Dollfie Dream body with the large bust torso option. I'm using an Obitsu Gretel pixie head.

The Mini Dollfie Dream body comes with a standard small chest. You just remove the arms (they pull out) and pull the original torso up and over the neck knob. Then push the new chest option down in place and push the arms back on.

My Mini Dollfie Dream can share clothing with my 16" Unoa dolls.

Dollfie Dream, Mini Dollfie Dream and Volks Mini Super Dollfie dolls together to show body size comparison.

Body comparison of standard Super dollfie doll and Dollfie Dreams doll. The original Super Dollfies have a much more childlike body with thicker waist, small breasts and chubbier legs and short, chubby feet.


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