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My collection of Super Dollfie, Mini Super Dollfie

and other ball jointed Japanese, Korean and American Dolls.

My very first resin ball jointed doll was Volks Super Dollfie Rio. I bought her back in November of 2001 and she started it all for me. Next came more Volks dolls as they were the only resin ball jointed dolls available at that time. As the years past, ball jointed dolls from Korea became popular and now there is such a variety of dolls to choose from in all shapes and sizes. Clik on the dolls name to see more pictures.

My largest ball jointed dolls, 60 to 70cm

Frankenstien 2013 by Ringdoll

Akion from Unidoll

Domuya Fin

Super dollfie doll Rio and Belladonna

Rasen-dou Super Dollfie type dolls

Building the Advanced Doll+ Kit

My 43cm 15 inch to 19" resin ball jointed dolls. These are considered Mini Super Dollfie types, but now there are also resin ball jointed 16" fashion dolls as well

Dollmore Fashion BJD's

Dollmore Zinna Zombie

Fairyland Chicline Lishe and Rou

Soul Doll IER the robot girl

Llimwa Leda

Jaksjewelz Evianna

Unoa Lusis

Unoa Ver 2.0 Mocha

Machina from Enchantment Doll

Minifee Soo from Lutz of Korea

Soul Kid doll Sweenie from Soul Doll of Korea

Volks Mini Super Dollfies Mesya and Sakura

Bobobie Charisma and vampire Lu

The Evangeline Ghastley resin ball jointed doll from Wilde Imagination

Smaller resin ball jointed dolls from tiny 5 inches to 12 inches


Unoa Chibi Lilin

Garden of Dolls Ppo Ppo and Nabi Kiss

Fantasy ball jointed animals, Dragons and more!

Bambicrony Pepe elf

Pandora from Notdolllab

Soul Doll Kimmy and Metel

Banji from Dollmore of Korea and So-Ji from Orientdoll of Korea

Happy Doll Lilliput Daisy kit an 8" cutie

Vinyl ball jointed dolls

Volks Mini Dollfie Dream 16" vinyl ball jointed doll

Volks Dollfie Dream 22" vinyl ball jointed doll

The Obitsu 60cm large Doll body and optional heads

Japanese Shopping Service - A Place to Buy Japanese dolls

Denver Dolls - USA site to purchase Korean dolls

The Volks USA web site

Zone of Zen, A Forum to discuss resin Ball Jointed dolls

Our Silent Friends, Yahoo Group to discuss Super Dollfies, Forever Dolls and others

Ball Joint Doll Webring
Ball Joint Doll Webring
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