Unoa Chibi Lilin

The Unoa Chibi Lilin is a new size Unoa doll from Alchemo Lab. She is 35cm tall (about 13.5") and is a very sexy busty little girl. The Unoa Chibi doll comes as a kit that needs to be strung and painted. Everything you need is included, elastic, 12mm eyes, and size 6/7 wig. She can share eyes and wigs with her bigger Unoa Qulut sister. The Unoa Chibi can also wear the Unoa high heel feet and the Unoa optional face plates and cat ears. My kit came with two types of unicorn horns, a long one and a shorter one. There will be Chibi faceplates and more options offered in the future. The Chibi kits were released in December 2009 and sold by Crescent Shop in Japan for buyers in the USA. Crescent Shop only sells the Unoa dolls and kits at certain periods throughout the year, so it is best to sign up for their Unoa news email or check their news area on the site periodically to be able to order the dolls.

The kit as it arrives. The stringing diagram is very easy to understand, even if you do not read Japanese. Lots of pictures and the elastic is already measured and cut to size.

The Chibi eye mechanism is similar but superior to the previous Unoa moving eye mechanism. You can use any 12mm eyes that have pointed backs that will fit into the holes in the mechanism. You can also choose not to use the mechanism and use eye putty if you like for more eye variety.

Here she is strung, painted and body blushed.

Wearing regular Unoa Qulut cat ear options. The holes in Chibi's head accommodate most of the regular Unoa options.

In a custom outfit I made for her by downsizing a Unoa pattern to 85%.

A knit dress I made for her. She wears the regular Unoa high heel feet option.

Wearing a custom dress made by me from a Gene pattern reduced. Fabric custom printed by me on silk.

Chibi Lilin and Unoa Lusis body comparison.


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