Charisma and Lu dolls by Bobobie

Bobobie created this gorgeous horned elf doll for Christmas 2007. She is called Charisma and is 23" tall. My doll is the horned elf doll head with the optional claw hands in white skintone. The doll also comes with a regular head in regular skintone. Bobobie released Lu their 16" vampire doll in June of 2009. My doll is lavender resin. She comes with fabulous sculpted bat ears, fangs and very slender lovely long fingers. I added the body blushing and tatoo.

Charisma is my sea demon. I blushed her ears and deepened her face paint. She wears a dress made by me and a JPOP Mystery wig in Raven Wing color.

Charisma with Glastic Teal Green 18mm eyes.

Charisma arrives nude without a wig and a basic faceup with dark brown eyes.

I'm dressing my Lu the vampire as a gypsy. Outfit from the Cleabella Gypsy Dance doll. OOAK Fantasy wig is from Laurie Lenz

Lu in a Monique Hope red wig showing off her fantastic ears

Lu wears a Gene pin-up outfit. She can almost fit into regular fashion doll clothing with her very slender figure

Lu body comparison pic with Unoa Lusis on the right and Garden of Dolls Nabi Kiss 16" doll on the left

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