Rasen-dou Super Dollfie type doll


Calypso was created from a Rasen-dou head and Rasen-dou body parts. Rasen-dou is a Japanese company that makes similar dolls to the Volks Super Dollfie dolls. The head is the Rasen-dou Miyu head that comes with clear plastic webbed ears. The head arrives partially painted with red eye liner and dark green glastic eyes and turquoise brows and light blue lips. I used these colors as a basis and repainted the lips darker blue, added dark blue liner and painted lashes as well as new Water Sapphire Masterpiece Eyeco acrylic eyes and false lashes with glitter. I added rhinestone water drops down her cheeks and a red curly wig. She represents a Sea Goddess to me!

My newest Rasendo head is Mei the cat head with cat ears and fang! This head also arrives partially painted. I added the lashes and red shadow and changed the eyes to red. The original head comes with dark green eyes. These heads swap out easily so I can use the same Rasendo body or another 60cm resin ball jointed female doll body.

Mei the cat in her new custom outfit made by me with gorgous flame Soul Doll boots.

Mei with an Impledoll 60cm body.

Mei with her new Impledoll body

Calypso in her blue gown made by me.

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