Tiny dolls Banji, So Ye and So-Ji

Banji is a 6" white resin doll from Dollmore of Korea. So-Ji is by Orientdoll of Korea. She is the white skintone and has the vampire ears. So-Ye is a tiny chocolate vampire that comes with 7 pairs of magnetic wings. So-Ji and So-Yi are 4" tall. So-Ji can wear Little Kelly and Baby Bratz outfits. Both dolls have 6mm to 8mm acrylic eyes and Banji wears a 3/4 wig and So-Ji takes a size 4 wig.

This is the Happy Doll Lilliput Daisy with Dollmore's Banji, showing how tiny Banji is. The Lilliput doll is 8" tall and Banji is nearly 6" and very slim. He is white resin and arrives in this cute gothic black faux leather outfit with tiny silver chains and crosses. He is called Sun Dew Banji.

Here is Banji in a Dollmore Banji outfit made especially for the Banji bodies, jeans and a sweater. I added the skull decal to the sweater.

Banji plays a round of golf with the ReMent miniature golf club set. Perfect for him, including the tiny visor!

Banji cooks up some ReMent muffins in the ReMent miniature kitchen. It is nearly 1/6 scale, so a perfect size for toddler Banji. He wears a size 3/4 wig.

Banji and little So-Ji from Orientdoll prepare an outdoor BBQ. So-Ji wears a Little Kelly bikini and size 4 wigs.

Little 4" So-Ji wears a kimono made for the Little Kelly dolls. She fits nicely into the ReMent My Room series of Asian furniture. The red wig is by Fwigs from Denverdoll.com.

So-Ji wears a custom romper with cat ear hood made by me from a Pocket Fairy pattern in Dolly Dolly magazine.

So-Ji wears a Baby Bratz outfit and size 4 Monique wig.

So-Ji in a pink Barbie wig wearing a Little Kelly fairy outfit.

So-Ji goes on a Cicada bug hunt.

So-Ji is a little girl with vampire ears and So-Yi is a little chocolate vampire boy with 7 pairs of different wings. Here he has on his demon wings. They attach with magnets to his back.

SoYi in a tiny Chinese style outfit I made for him from Little Kelly size patterns. He wears Little Kelly shoes.

SoYi wearing a Little Kelly Ladybug outfit with his bug wings and a Volks size 4 wig.

SoJi in the St. Patrick's Day outfit I made her and a green fur wig.

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