Animal Ball Jointed Dolls

I've just discovered these adorable tiny ball jointed resin dolls representing various animals. Many different manufacturers are now releasing them in Korea. So far, I have Elfdoll's Alice Cherry Blossom, the cute little pig. Pipos Bau Fox from Pipos of Korea, Soul Doll's Aku Kitty and Dollzone's Egyptian cat.

Pipos of Korea released in March 2007 a cute 9" ball jointed resin fox doll. There are many tales of the fox in Korea and Japan. Kitsune, as they are called are legendary for being shape shifters and can turn into beautiful women. They can be good or evil.

Dollzone has released a variety of animal BJD's. Their cat is 6" tall and you can choose to purchase them dressed or not Soul Doll's Aku Kitty is a very anime style kitty with a chubby body and big eyes.

Elfdoll's Alice Cherry Blossom arrives with a painted face and eyes and this version comes in the Hoodie outfit. I added the body blushing. She is 5" tall, resin ball jointed with adorable tiny pig feet and hands. She also has a cute little piggie tail in the back!

Alice arrives in her cute sleeping bag.

This is the Alice Hoodie version and comes with this complete outfit with tights, tunic and hat.

I made this tiny t-shirt with Alice's logo on it with some tiny jeans to match.

I made this poodle print dress and apron and hat for Blossom as I call her now.

Alice wears a tiny chef outfit from a Japanese Jenny baby doll.

Pipos Fox is 23cm or 9" tall and takes 18mm eyes. The tail is also strung and can be moved so the Fox can sit.

I've decided to dress him as Anubis the God of the Dead in Egyptian history and custom made his Egyptian outfit.

In a custom kimono

I changed his 18mm eyes to Soul Doll Punky eyes and added eyelashes

Dollzone's Egyptian cat comes dressed in her Egyptian outfit, perfect for display in my Egyptian room

Soul Doll makes an adorable cartoonish Kitty called Aku Kitty. Mine came with pink body blushing and crazy swirly eyes. Aku Kitty is 14cm or 5.5" tall with a magnetic tail that can be removed for dressing.

Volks Mini Dollfie Dream doll holding Aku Kitty. I have changed kitties eyes to 18mm Soul Doll "Bling" eyes in heart pattern.

A group of my tiny ball jointed dolls

Denver Doll Shop to purchase Elfdoll, Dollzone and Pipos dolls.

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