Red's World

I'm Red, the adopted greyhound.

Well, it's the end of 2009 and I've been in my new home a full year now. It has been an eventful year, as I'm a very accident prone doggie! I go crazy running in the yard and love to chase rabbits and squirrals. My mom tries to yell "NO" , but I don't listen...hee hee. I caught a big furry bunny and mom had to pry it from my mouth. I wasn't going to hurt it, just play with it a little, but she was very upset with me. I also had some little accidents, like ripping off a toenail jumping on the fence barking at the postman and catching my upper dewclaw pad in something in the yard and tearing that a bit too, so I had to go to the vet a few times for bandages. But I'm just a very active guy!

Mom got me a fancy new collar with skulls on it (sort of suits my personality - demon doggie). I get bored easily so luckily mom is home all the time and takes me for lots of walks - 3 in the morning, one after lunch, one after dinner and at bedtime. I also get to run in the yard when she is gardening, so she can make sure I don't get into trouble with small furry creatures that move! I love anything that moves. I can see a rabbit a block away, so now our yard is sort of "free" of rabbits. They know I'm here.

I got a furry "pheasant" stuffed toy for Christmas to go with all my others, like squeaky ball (I love to play catch with mom in the yard, but I don't bring the ball back. I make her come and get it) I also inherited some toys from previous doggies - a purple dinosaur, fuzzy bone, fuzzy squirral, and a stuffed octopus. Can never have too many toys, I always say.

I just turned two years old on December 6th, 2008 when I was adopted from the Dairyland dog track in Wisconsin. My new mom took me home on December 13th. She lost her previous greyhound to cancer the previous November and was still kind of sad, but needed the company of another guy like me to help her move on. I'm a really good doggie and very well behaved. I took to my new home immediately, running up and down the stairs, checking out all the rooms and interesting stuff to sniff! I have a big fenced yard to play in and lots of toys. I love to run fast and have already worn a path in the yard.

My full name is Curly Red as I have a weird curly tail. That tail is always getting caught in things and on New Years Eve at 2:00 in the morning, I caught it under the bed and my master had to rush me to the emergency vet for a couple of stitches...a little excitement after only 2 weeks in my new home! I'm fine now and my tail looks great again.
Here are some pictures of me in my new home.

Relaxing at home

On Alert

When I am a bit grumpy I can give a good "snarly face"

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