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In Memory of Bob 6/28/89 to 2/10/01

Pictures from the track

I'm Bobolink, (Bob for short), the adopted greyhound. I was 11 1/2 years old when it came time for my master to send me to that big racetrack in the sky. I got really sick and couldn't eat or walk anymore. My master slept on the floor with me for my last two weeks and tried very hard to keep me with her, but I was not a happy doggie, so finally she had to make the very hard decision to let me go to a peaceful sleep. I was adopted when I was nearly 2, from the Lake Geneva greyhound racing track in Wisconsin. Thank goodness for adoption programs or I would have been racing at that big greyhound racetrack in the sky a long time ago.

I only raced 6 races professionally before I was retired. I just wasn't very fast. Luckily my master adopted me and now I live in a comfortable home and I am spoiled rotten!

My days consist of two walks in the morning, one at noon, one at 3:00 and one before bedtime. My master just dotes on me and even comes home for lunch from her job, just to walk me and visit with me. She even lets me sleep in her bed.

My hobbies are eating, walking and sleeping (in that order) I don't play, as I never learned how. My master bought me lots of toys, but I just can't get into this "play" thing with squeaky toys. I was a working dog. I do occasionally throw around my little stuffed bunny or purple dinosaur (when nobody is looking). I get embarassed when someone sees me attempting to play. I am never allowed off my leash, as I am a sighthound and see things over a block away and then want to run after them, not looking for traffic or paying much attention to what is going on. My master lets me stalk rabbits and squirrels on the leash and chase them up the trees. Once I moved too fast and caught a squirrel, but my master made me put it down. It was okay. That was exciting.

Clik on some of my links to see some pictures of me and my home. I have quite an extensive wardrobe, as my master bought me lots of sweaters and coats for winter (greyhounds have very little bodyfat and get cold, so we need winter outfits when we go outside). I also get to dress up for Halloween, my masters favorite holiday. I'm not sure I like this, but I put up with her strange whims. We won a costume contest last year, dressed as devils in matching outfits.




Pictures of my home

My Wardrobe


Here I am with a new toy my master found. She is a stuffed greyhound, made by Ideal Toy Company in the 1950's, called Lady Greyhound. I'm not sure if I like her yet, but you can read more about her below. She was the mascot of the greyhound bus company in the late 1950's. That was before my time, but my master likes that kind of historical stuff!

Clik here to read a really neat brochure from Greyhound Bus Corp. from 1960 about their greyhound mascot Lady Greyhound.

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